Moselem Springs Golf Club

6,475 yards, 131 slope from the Blues One of the parts of any golf round I like to reminisce about is the journey that gets you to the First tee. That can mean a flight and hours in a rental car, or can be a few minutes from home, but whatever it is, I firmly … Continue reading Moselem Springs Golf Club

Lancaster Country Club

Meadowcreek/Dogwood: 6,339 yards, 129 slope from the Blues Highlands/Meadowbrook: 6,132 yards, 128 slope from the Blues Dogwood/Highlands: 6,357 yards, 128 slope from the Blues One of my favorite movies is the Good, Bad & the Ugly. The final showdown is one of the epic crescendos in Western cinema and watching it as a kid, I … Continue reading Lancaster Country Club

The Philadelphia Cricket Club – Militia Hill

6,795 yards, 130 Slope from the II tees There's always room for one more round and such was the case when I found myself at Militia Hill. Those December days are as fickle as the game itself but when they come, the dance of Winter's Bittersweet Symphony begins. Happy to be out but never knowing … Continue reading The Philadelphia Cricket Club – Militia Hill

The Philadelphia Cricket Club – St. Martins

2,613 yards, 119 Slope Cresting the hill, one could look forward where dark had recently descended and watch the clubhouse come into view slowly. One step at a time. Illuminated and quiet, it drew us in with its promise of halcyon tranquility. A soft glow that could have been candlelight beckoned with that promise. As … Continue reading The Philadelphia Cricket Club – St. Martins

Bedford Springs Old Course

6,446 yards, 137 Slope from the Ross tees Bedford Springs is generally in southwestern Pennsylvania, midway between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Nestled in the Cumberland Valley among with the Allegheny Mountains, the mineral springs have attracted mankind to the area since the dawn of time. Historically, the resort rose to prominence in the early 1800's and … Continue reading Bedford Springs Old Course

Waynesborough Country Club

6,370 yards, 135 slope from the Blues Waynesborough CC is on the western Main Line in Paoli, Pennsylvania. The hip upscale quasi-rural feel of the area is almost as notable as the hilly, rolling brook parkland terrain throughout, which yields some remarkable golf. Aronimink is a five minute drive down the road, St. David's in … Continue reading Waynesborough Country Club