Bethpage State Park Red Course

6,570 yards, 127 slope from the Middle tees "We're all getting birdies here." Waiting on the Sixteenth tee, the older gentleman in the Notre Dame gear proclaimed it so. All of us would walk away with birdies on this hole and there was no other possibility. It seemed promising enough as everyone got off the … Continue reading Bethpage State Park Red Course

Essex County Country Club

6,617 yards, 132 slope from the Blues There's Essex County Club in Massachusetts and Essex County Country Club in New Jersey. Both are rather old with interesting histories and the result of complete renovations by famous Golden Age designers. The club in New Jersey that is the subject of this review is the oldest country … Continue reading Essex County Country Club

Sleepy Hollow Country Club

6,630 yards, 136 from the Blues The life of a golf course. They are conceived, that idea then carried and spoken to others until developed into some kind of reality, at which point the business of building them is set in place. They grow, and those who play them grow fond or perhaps even resentful … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Baltimore Country Club (East)

6,664 yards, 136 slope from the Blues Twenty minutes north of Baltimore proper is the Five Farms property of Baltimore Country Club, where the East and West courses reside. The East course is more well known, designed by A.W. Tillinghast and opening in 1924. The grandeur of the land is rich with hills, far and … Continue reading Baltimore Country Club (East)

Bedford Springs Old Course

6,446 yards, 137 Slope from the Ross tees Bedford Springs is generally in southwestern Pennsylvania, midway between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Nestled in the Cumberland Valley among with the Allegheny Mountains, the mineral springs have attracted mankind to the area since the dawn of time. Historically, the resort rose to prominence in the early 1800's and … Continue reading Bedford Springs Old Course