Cobb’s Creek Update

A couple weeks ago, the Philadelphia City council passed a bill that makes it possible for Cobb’s Creek Olde to be restored to its original routing, the plans of which have already been drafted by Gil Hanse.  This bill, which was already approved by Mayor Kenney, places control of the course into the hands of the organization that already raised approximately $20 million to restore the course and expand it for up to 70 years.  

The bill itself can be found here.
This is terrific news.  The permits and plan have already ben taken care of, so it’s a matter of figuring out other logistics before work starts on the course.  The goal is to turn the course into a venue for professional and amateur tournaments, being able to take yardage from the Karakung course to make it lengthen to sufficient PGA tour standards.  
The clubhouse burned down last year, yet still the course has kept on, each time I play there you can feel the enthusiasm for the place.  A new clubhouse and restaurant will be built.  
The restoration plan has received national attention, including specials on The Golf Channel.  One can’t help but think of Bethpage’s revival in the 2000’s and while one can only dream, the thought of Cobbs Creek returning back to its original design and the proper resources to ensure the course remains in great condition is fantastic.  
There are a few key individuals that were relentless in making this happen and I salute them.  Through their efforts, the Philadelphia public golf scene should rise in prominence shortly.