Center Square

6,304 yards, 122 slope from the Back tees

Course: Kind of near North Wales, the Square is a respectable mid tier course that is pretty wide open. It mainly consists of tree lined fairways, but the fairways are generous and the greens are huge. Suffice to say you can score on this course. This place actually shows that you can have a nice course while rewarding the hell out of you for most shots. The course is in good condition, has interesting holes and is straight forward. There are dog legs and elevation changes throughout and a few bunkers. Holes 1-4 get you warmed up, with Hole 1 being a straightaway par 4 going uphill with a football field sized green, 2 a short dog leg left with some nice bunkering and 3 being an easy par 3. Then 5 and 6 stretch out and are long dog legs with said large greens to hit to.  Both are fun holes.  7 is an uphill 180 yard par 3 again, with a large green.  13 is a downhill more severe dog leg that commands a decent approach. The course starts narrowing a bit here as you get into the woods. My favorite hole is 17, which is a par 5 that starts uphill, turns and goes downhill with large bunkers around the green. 18 is a par 3 over a lake, about 165 yards, being one of the few public courses in the area that end with a par 3. This course has everything you need for an enjoyable round while being light on the teeth.  Great place to go for the confidence or to boost your handicap. The raised tees and undulations make for some great shots and nice scenery. Yeah you’ll run into beginners here, but you should.

Gripes: Not sure if the peak rate is worth it. Can also get crowded on the weekends. Learn to fix your divots on the greens here people. Snack bar is out of the way and annoying to deal with. Someone point me where the beers are.

Bar/grill: There is one, it’s a Champs.  It’s a nice area to hang out but doesn’t stay open all that late.  Has a good outdoor area looking at the 18th.

Clubhouse: Good sized and adequate equipment. Come up with better course logo design you guys; I’ll buy a hat then.

Nearby: Some taverns. A bunch of stuff on 202.

Getting there: 476 Germantown Pike or 202 near North Wales.