The Creek

6,583 yards, 134 slope from the Silver tees The history of the game in the United States is enshrined in Long Island. Fortunes were made and golf courses built on tremendously ideal land for the cause, sandy soil and an abundance of coastal proximity. The Creek is among those historical treasures that has remained so … Continue reading The Creek

Essex County Country Club

6,617 yards, 132 slope from the Blues There's Essex County Club in Massachusetts and Essex County Country Club in New Jersey. Both are rather old with interesting histories and the result of complete renovations by famous Golden Age designers. The club in New Jersey that is the subject of this review is the oldest country … Continue reading Essex County Country Club

Fox Chapel Golf Club

6,237 yards, 135 slope from the Back tees Course: The Seth Raynor masterpiece sits in pastoral suburban Northeast Pittsburgh and opened for play in 1923. Brian Silva restored several of its features in the 1990's and today, it presents as grand and bold, showing just how splendid golf can get. The template features are vibrant, … Continue reading Fox Chapel Golf Club

Lookout Mountain Golf Club

6,613 yards, 128 slope from the Blues Course: ¬†Lookout Mountain Golf Club is located in Lookout Mountain, GA, which is a mountain ridge where Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia intersect and juts up almost 2,500 feet, providing spectacular views of the Tennessee Valley and almost seven states. ¬†The mountain was used during the Civil War as … Continue reading Lookout Mountain Golf Club