To the new and improved Golfadelphia! After reviewing courses for the last 8 years, it was time to move for a number of reasons. Mainly, I wanted it to be easier for you to navigate through the content and reviews, as well as be able to do a few different things that will make this place a little more than just reviews.

Navigating the site from a mobile device is now so much easier. Now you can pull up whatever review faster, easier and from wherever you want. You’re playing old J-Ville and want to see what Golfadelphia says about the First (a glorious and challenging opener btw)? Two clicks and you’re there. Is there a creek over the ridge from the blind tee shot on the Twelfth at Glen Mills (nope)? Done and done.

And really, the site address is more straightforward. Enough said.

That’s about it. 2019 season is starting and the reviews will be coming here instead of the blogspot address. Speaking of that, the blog will remain active too!

I’ll be going through the reviews to see if there is anything that needs fixing from the transfer, but if you see anything; let me know! It will get fixed. Right off the bat, it looks like some of the photos aren’t as clear as they should be. I’ll be fixing that for some of the reviews as well. Moving forward, the photos will all be able to be enlarged, instead of being limited in size. To that end, there are reviews posted twice; one with larger photos in the review and then another where you can get them full screen width. I’ll keep churning these out for select courses, but let me know if there are any in particular you’d like to see with the bigger pictures!

Fairways and greens out there, friends. Let’s make 2019 the season it all happens. See you out there!