Ok, now I’m up and running again.  Lots of catching up to do, so be on the look out, as the reviews to finish up 2015 need to be posted and then 2016 plans/courses will be put up.

A few things I’ll get done right away.

–  I played in a good amount of new states last year, so will update those on that post.

–  First round of 2016 was played on 1/4/16.  It was Downingtown.  It looked like a lot of trees were being taken down, so I’ll be interested to get back there to see what impact that has.

–  CA trip next month will take me to a couple great tracks and I will be doing reviews of all of them.

–  A trip to the Midwest this summer is confirmed, taking me to some what I believe will be memorable courses and possibly one top 5 bucket list course.

–  More local courses!!!  The list has been made, the rounds will be played and photos will be taken.

The hiatus is over and now it’s time to get things up to speed.  2015 was a fantastic golfing year and I was only able to get reviews in from mid-August.  2016 is shaping up to be another great year and I’m looking forward to things warming up and getting back out there!