2014 Preview

One of the last things anyone is thinking about around here is golf, as we’re right in the middle of the third snowiest winter EVER.  It’s even supposed to get warm this weekend and most courses except those at the shore will be closed because the snow won’t be gone yet.

As we keep shoveling, de icing, and generally salting, I’ve been mapping, scheming and planning this coming golf season.  Lots of interesting things planned and here’s just a peek at what should happen once the snow and ice leave us and the fairways come back into play…

It’s been a long winter and the opportunities to get in a round have been very few and far between, but I’ve been hard at work planning a season that will bring some great reviews to the site.  To give everyone a snapshot of what to expect in the next few months, here are some things going down:

– Time to get to some of PA and NJ’s top rated courses!  I’ll get to the bottom of whether some of these places are deserving of their ranking

– At least one course in the top 100 in the world is on tap; and a couple in the top 100 U.S.

– The Southeast was popular last year for me; it may be again this year

– Locally, there are a few well known places it’s time to revisit.  I’m looking at you, Bulle Rock, LuLu, Deerwood and (maybe) Downingtown (it might be a time for a re evaluation)

– Also locally, I’ll be visiting some courses that I haven’t been to before, but have heard great things.

– A few private courses in the area may pop up…

– Some Philly munis will be in play; it’s time to take a look at what we got in our backyard, for better or worse.

– Ocean City, MD here I come; lots of great courses down there and I’ll be getting to at least a couple

– As always, more detailed updates on those courses already reviewed.

Again, some of this is vague as my plans are still coming together, but I will say that my first round of the year is likely taking a place in a state I haven’t played yet.

As the weather starts to warm up and we all dust off the clubs to get back out there, have fun and defrost!

4 thoughts on “2014 Preview

  1. Being fairly new to the area I've enjoyed using this blog as a tool to learn about courses in the area. I have one course suggestion and one extra rating criteria. The course is Makefield Highlands, haven't had an unenjoyable round there yet. The extra criteria, a stickler for me is the duration between tee times. I completely avoid courses that have slots 7-8 minutes apart, and Glen Mills's 12 minute slots are fantastic. After price, it's the first thing I look at when booking rounds. Hit 'em straight!

  2. Thanks! I agree that Makefield is a nice track. I haven't played it in a few years, but it's on the short list this season. I remember some nice use of elevation changes. Time between groups is definitely a consideration. A lot of my rounds are during the week so I don't notice as much, but for sure it's something I notice on the weekend and will have to keep track of which courses do what.