PGG’s Journey to 50 States

Philly Golf Guy is gunning to play in all 50 states!  Back in 2014, I started wondering how many states I’ve actually played in.  It ended up being quite a few, which made me wonder whether I could play in all 50 states at some point if I started working on it.  Well, here’s the list of states played, along with those I played in red once I start planning it out:

Alabama: Oxmoor Valley
Arizona: Desert Forest
California: Pasatiempo
Colorado: Bear Creek CC
Connecticut: Yale 
Delaware: White Clay Creek
Florida: PGA National – Championship 
Georgia: Lookout Mountain
Hawaii: Kapalua Plantation
Idaho: Coeur D’Alene Resort
Illinois: Ravisloe
Indiana:  Played October 2016 (Chariot Run)

Kansas:  Played October 2017 (Prairie Dunes)
Kentucky: Heritage Hill
Louisiana: TPC Louisiana 
Maryland: Rum Pointe
Massachusetts:  Played August 2015 (Red Tail)

Michigan: Ravines 
Mississippi:  Played November 2015 (The Oaks)

Nebraska:  Played June 2016 (Dismal River)
Nevada: Paiute Wolf Course
New Hampshire: Countryside GC 
New Jersey: Pine Valley
New York:  Played August 2015 (National Golf Links of America)

North Carolina: Echo Farms
Ohio:  Played June 2015 (Reserve Run)

Oregon:  Played January 2018 (Bandon Dunes)
Pennsylvania: Glen Mills
South Carolina: Harbour Town
Tennessee:  Played September 2015 (Black Creek GC)

Texas: Old American 
Vermont:  Played August 2015 (Equinox)

Virginia: Raspberry Falls
Washington: Chambers Bay
West Virginia Played March 2016 (Lakeview)

Wyoming: Jackson CC

And here are the states I need to play in:

New Mexico 
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota

No doubt some of these states will be easier than others to knock off, but my plan is to get to all of them, leaving Alaska as the last one.  Once that happens, my wife and I will go there for vacation and I will get my round in.  There really isn’t a time table for this, but it’s something that I’m now considering when I’m making my golf plans for the season.  

What this means for the site is that in addition to more local reviews, there should be reviews of each course I play in from each state.  So really, looks like this is the season of more content, all of which should be a lot of fun.  

Here’s to PGG golfing in all 50 states and having some great stories and memories coming out of it.  I’ll update this list as the states start coming off.