Golfadelphia Working For You

Is there a course in the Philadelphia tri-state area you want to know more about, have been waiting for PGG to get to, or just want some where to get the old Golfadelphia write up?

Well now there’s a way to do something about it; just leave a comment here with your request!  I’ll get it, get to the course for a round and put up some photos with my thoughts.  This doesn’t mean I won’t review courses if I don’t get any requests, but as more courses get reviewed, there may be some where I’m missing, or just am slow getting to, so wanted some where here dedicated to point blank asking/telling me to get there ASAP.  So here’s your chance!

There’s a ton of courses out there and while it’s my mission to get to all of them at some point, I’d love to hear of any courses in particular you want reviewed.

It’s that easy!

I look forward to hearing from you and maybe I’ll see you out there.  I’ll be the guy on the left side off the fairway, in the rough.    

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