The Currituck Club

6,390 yards, 138 slope from the Blues Sitting in the Hummer for the wild horse tour, I was able crane my neck to get a glimpse of where I'd playing in a couple days. We finally decided to start exploring after multiple trips to the Outer Banks and this meant checking out the more northern … Continue reading The Currituck Club

Pine Needles

6,435 yards, 129 from the Ross tees In Southern Pines, Pine Needles was conceived and devised as the popularity of Mid-Pines blossomed. Intended to accommodate residential sites as well as a hotel, the course was intended to manage overflow from the Pinehurst resort and a second eighteen was part of that plan. Construction began in … Continue reading Pine Needles

The Cradle

Nine holes, 789 yards One sitting idly in one of the clubhouse rocking chairs on the patio enjoys the marvelous spectacle of a lively golf community having fun. Families, friends and groups are scattered about the Thistle Dhu putting course, making their leisurely way through the slopes and hills. Golfers walk to and fro shouldering … Continue reading The Cradle