Piping Rock Club

6,712 yards, 132 slope from the Gold tees There are some golf courses I'm glad I still get to experience for the first time. It's easier to fully appreciate, instead of wondering if I'm missing something or just outright not enjoying it altogether. It's like tasting a really good bourbon. Those who don't drink a … Continue reading Piping Rock Club

Essex County Country Club

6,617 yards, 132 slope from the Blues There's Essex County Club in Massachusetts and Essex County Country Club in New Jersey. Both are rather old with interesting histories and the result of complete renovations by famous Golden Age designers. The club in New Jersey that is the subject of this review is the oldest country … Continue reading Essex County Country Club

Metedeconk National Golf Club

6,664 yards, 146 slope from the Member tees, Tournament Course (First and Third) Robert Trent Jones had his office and home about an hour away from here. While his work can be found far and wide, there's a good concentration of his courses spread through North and Central New Jersey, touched at various points in … Continue reading Metedeconk National Golf Club

Sleepy Hollow Country Club

6,630 yards, 136 from the Blues The life of a golf course. They are conceived, that idea then carried and spoken to others until developed into some kind of reality, at which point the business of building them is set in place. They grow, and those who play them grow fond or perhaps even resentful … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Lancaster Country Club

Meadowcreek/Dogwood: 6,339 yards, 129 slope from the Blues Highlands/Meadowbrook: 6,132 yards, 128 slope from the Blues Dogwood/Highlands: 6,357 yards, 128 slope from the Blues One of my favorite movies is the Good, Bad & the Ugly. The final showdown is one of the epic crescendos in Western cinema and watching it as a kid, I … Continue reading Lancaster Country Club