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Congaree Golf Club

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The review for Congaree is up. Alistair Mackenzie said that the chief object of every golf course architect worth his salt is to imitate the beauties of nature so closely as to make his work indistinguishable from nature itself. He also said the best holes are the ones you can play with a putter. These certainly apply to Congaree, where firm and fast was done extraordinarily well, creating the rare instance of being very challenging and very fun, all at once. ‘I played worse than usual my second round and just became more tied up as the round went on. At the final hole, I ended up left, in the trees on that side, my ball sitting on pine straw and who knows what else. Needing to carry the width of the fairway, a valley of sand and water, then hit one of the smaller greens on the course, I was all set to punch out when my caddie told me to go for the green. The lie’s not that bad and you have this shot, he told me. Addressing the ball, that moment of clarity struck me, where all the whispers and thoughts evaporated and I intrinsically knew how to get the ball to the green and have it roll ever so true straight to the hole. It all became so easy in that brief moment, that when the ball sailed through the air and missed going in by a couple feet, it was almost as if I knew it would be so. Those shots; those moments, happen to us all and I suspect those windows of time, no matter how brief, are so vivid and esoteric that they are one of the unique gifts of this game, which we all pursue in our own way as we journey along.’ #golfadelphia #congareegolfclub #tomfazio #golfcoursephotos #golfcoursedesign #whyilovethisgame #golflife #golfcourse #golfcoursearchitecture

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