As I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is finally turning and we’ll start seeing some golfing weather, I’ve also been making plans for this coming golf season.  In making plans and thinking back to the great season I had in 2014, a few things dawned on me.  The first is that many of my reviews are of courses in other parts of the country, which is mainly because I end up going to a lot of places and do what I can to squeeze in a round when possible.  I also travel for golf outings and the like, so I’ll review those courses that might be of interest to you all.  I enjoy doing it, yet I realized that I’d like to start getting to more local courses to make my reviews more comprehensive of what we have in the Philadelphia area.  It’s difficult though, mainly because just like everyone else, I have my favorites and the time I have to golf is limited, so I end up going where I know I’m going to enjoy my round.  Well, there will be a more concerted effort this season out of that comfort zone a bit more and start playing more local courses.  That should be one change you’ll see.

Something else that dawned on me is that with all this traveling, I started wondering how many states I’ve actually played in.  Here’s the list, along with at least one course I’ve played in each:

Alabama: Oxmoor Valley
Arizona: Talking Stick North
California: Pasatiempo
Colorado: Arrowhead
Connecticut: Yale 
Delaware: White Clay Creek
Florida: PGA National – Championship 
Georgia: Heritage Hills
Hawaii: Kapalua Plantation
Idaho: Coeur D’Alene Resort
Illinois: Ravisloe
Kentucky: Heritage Hill
Louisiana: TPC Louisiana 
Maryland: Rum Pointe
Michigan: Ravines 
Nevada: Boulder City GC
New Hampshire: Countryside GC 
New Jersey: Ballyowen
North Carolina: Echo Farms
Pennsylvania: Glen Mills
South Carolina: Harbour Town
Texas: Old American 
Virginia: Raspberry Falls
Washington: Chambers Bay
Wyoming: Jackson CC

That brings the total to 25.  Thinking about it some more, that’s without really trying, or actively going out of my way to play in different states.  But I’m halfway there and decided to make it an official goal; Philly Golf Guy is gunning to play in all 50 states!  Here are the states I need to play in:

Massachusetts:  Played August 2015 (Red Tail)
Mississippi:  Played November 2015 (The Oaks)
New Mexico 
New York:  Played August 2015 (Normanside)
North Dakota
Ohio:  Played June 2015 (Reserve Run)
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Tennessee:  Played September 2015 (Lookout Mountain)
Vermont:  Played August 2015 (Equinox)
West Virginia

No doubt some of these states will be easier than others to knock off, but my plan is to get to all of them, leaving Alaska as the last one.  Once that happens, my wife and I will go there for vacation and I will get my round in.  There really isn’t a time table for this, but it’s something that I’m now considering when I’m making my golf plans for the season.  For 2015, I already have these states in my sights:

New York
West Virginia

And possibly Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine.  This would essentially take out the entire Eastern half of the country, until Indiana and Mississippi/Arkansas down south.  Once those states are done, it will turn into planning flights and locations so I can take down multiple states in one trip in as less time as possible.

What this means for the site is that in addition to more local reviews, there should be reviews of each course I play in from each state.  So really, looks like this is the season of more content, all of which should be a lot of fun.  

Aside from the above, here are some things that are in the works:

– A few more private courses will be popping up.  Tons of great architecture at them, so hopefully I’ll be able to share my thoughts on some.  A Raynor course is among them.

– Road trip to Pittsburgh!  Time to check out some of the courses on the other side of the state

-At least one course in the top 100 in the world is on tap; and a couple in the top 100 U.S.

– One of the newest courses on the east coast is getting a visit from PGG

– In addition to visiting more local courses, it’s also time to revisit a few.  Lederach, Deerwood (from last year, but never was able to get there), Five Ponds, Riverwinds and (maybe) Rock Manor

– Also locally, I’ll be visiting some courses that I haven’t been to before, but have heard great things.  These include Hickory Valley (I’ve played there before, but it’s been way too long that I don’t remember it all that much), Back Creek, Kimberton and Gilbertsville

– Expect more detailed updates on a few courses already reviewed

Although my first round of the year took place at Mountain View in NJ, then a few others in Florida, I’m chomping at the bit to get back at there and start up the reviews!

Everyone have fun out there and hit ’em straight!