Update: The Golf Course at Glen Mills

Played there on the perfect fall day and was finally able to get this review where I’ve wanted it for a couple years.


2 thoughts on “Update: The Golf Course at Glen Mills

  1. Not sure how I came across your site/blog. I am (was?) a member at McCall and, evidently, was one of the members you played with there that day. Glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, course conditions have deteriorated over the past few years and I am now considering other golf membership options. Good writing – thanks for all the info. And nice shot on #2 at McCall.

  2. Thanks! Glad you found the site and that was a fun round. That is unfortunate to hear about McCall's; hopefully they're able to turn things around soon. Good luck in your search if you end up some where else and if you ever need someone to play with, you know where to find me.