Update: Rankings Mania

A new rankings has emerged and that is the possibly controversial list of Easiest courses in the area.  Let me be clear here.  I have never broke par on any course, so technically every course is sufficiently difficult for me to play.  Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good list for those looking for courses to score on or if they don’t want to look bad, or at least as bad, in front of their buddies.

The rankings are a combination of courses with wide open fairways, manageable hazards and obviously, courses I usually score well on even if I’m not playing well.


2 thoughts on “Update: Rankings Mania

  1. Your blog is great with a lot of info and reviews. I just want to note that when browing the blog with mobile device, the list is not shown and it's a bit tougher to navigate. It would be great if you can include the link to the update post as well.


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